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General Introduction

Introduction of Call Of Meta - The 1st Decentralized E-sport platform on Blockchain
Call Of Meta is the first decentralized tournament platform for E-sport Gamers of the best-known video games with high prize pools from 5k$ to 100k$.
C.O.M is a technology based on the blockchain providing decentralized tournaments accessible to everyone where all passes and scoring will be stored on it.
We connect brands, gamers and investors through our tournament platform.
Gamers participate freely in all tournaments and have access to all the prize.
An Investor is defined as a Holder.
A Pass Card will be delegated by an Holder to a gamer in order to access a tournament.
Prize Pool will be shared between the gamer and the holder.
The Pass Card Will be a NFT (No Fungible Token), Its a virtual card stored in the Blockchain that will be detained by an Holder. This NFT will give access to all tournament for unlimited lifetime.
Gamer can be also an Holder and have the Full Pool Prize for himself.
As a NFT, this Pass can be bought on our Mint page or on the secondary market.
The supplied quantity of the Passes (NFT) is 9770.
Limiting the supply increases the demands thus the prizes themselves.
Holder will earn income from :
  • Prize Pool of tournament's victories shared with the Gamer .
  • Royalties of secondary market's sales shared between all Holders.
  • Shared Earning from Ads and Livestreams
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