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E-Sport EcoSystem

What's E-sport ?
The E-sport also known as "Electronic Sport" is the term to designate tournaments on video games where teams, professional or amateur can compete in tournaments for prize pool .
Firsts E-sport competition started in the 80' .
In 2021 the gaming industry worth more than 160 Billion $ for 3,24 Billion gamers.
Most of the revenue in E-sport comes from advertising during tournaments and game's replay recorded on streaming platforms, where players follow each other what generate many traffic on targeted audiences, Data from gaming is a valuable asset that generate Billion every years.
Generally tournaments are sponsored by brand who want to target gamers and fans.
All tournaments are in live on streaming Platform like Twitch , Gamers and Follower can directly show on the tournament's canal all the game.
Professional Players are members of league , amateurs don't have many ways to integrate tournament with high prize pool. For this reason it is difficult for new talent to integrate these leagues.
Call of Meta provide access to all kind of Gamers, that will increase the number of possibilities for people who aren't part of team , and also the possibility for many emerging talent witch will be discovered winning tournaments.
For exemple best audience in Twitch Streaming platform are independent Gamers.
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