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Tournament are available on the Most Played Video Games of the world like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex or CS:GO played by hundreds of millions people.
All Gaming Tournaments are available on our Platform with (Pc, Mobile, Playstation, Xbox)
The tournaments will be open everywhere around the world.
Thanks to the blockchain's technological advancement and its decentralized nature, tournaments can now be accessible to everyone – Prize pools are controlled and powered by the blockchain. The rewards are Fast, Secure and transparent.
There will be 8 tournaments per month at the rate of 2 tournaments per week organized by C.O.M. including prize pools from 5k $ to 100k $.
Top 10 winners will have access to the prize pool.
All the tournaments are free for the gamers, and the NFT Pass Card will be affiliated with each gamer registered for a tournament. At the end of tournament the prize pool will be shared between them. Holder and Gamer will share her prize pool by 50% each..
A Gamer can also be an Holder and choose to no delegate his Pass to another gamer. In case of winning gamer will get the full prize pool for his range. In the platform tournament in you profile uncheck the Delegation Mode.

Tournament Traditionnal Vs Call Of Meta Tournament

C.O.M Tournaments©
Slow Payout
Instant Payout
Regional Platform
World Wide Tournaments
Ads Revenue Not Shared
Holder Ads Revenue
Not Multiplatform Games
Multiplatform Tournaments (Mobile,PC,PS5..)
Linked Streaming
Native Streaming Functionality
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